We bring to your attention all well-known paid student practice in the agricultural sector of Denmark in which all interested young people from 18 to 29 years old who speak English can take part.

The program also involves the participation of girls, couples with joint residence and place of work.

Considering the fact that our company, as an independent organization, entered the labor market in mid-2015, we are extremely interested in attracting new customers.

Thus, there is an idea that has already been successfully came to life – the ability of our customers to come to Denmark WITHOUT ANY PREPAYMENT FOR THE CONTRACT.

 All that is required to pay is the cost of the test КЕТ (key English test), The ambassador’s fee and the cost of a Danish student Schengen visa.

More information about the program “Paid student practice in Denmark”

Possibility of paid internship on such farms:

– Pork

– Cow

– Mink

– Flower Greenhouses

Remuneration of young people, in accordance with the annual (12 months) contract:

– first six months 1460 Europer month,

– next six months 1733 Euro per month for young people between the ages of 18 and 25, and 2000 Euro at the age of 25 to 29 years. (this amount is taxed!) Also monthly charged 12.5% – holiday money.

Work week\month in accordance with the contract amounts a 37\160 hours, working day 8 hours, with two breaks of 30 minutes each.

Housing is provided by a farmer, on the farm, or nearby (in this case, transport is also provided) Payment per month.

The accommodation consists of a separate room for a person, a common equipped kitchen and a bathroom. Necessary appliances and WIFI present. Utilities are in most cases included in the rental price. Meals at own expense.

Those who wish also can learn Danish for free at the Lærdansk language schools located throughout Denmark.

The cost of our services includes:

– Work contract

– Preparation of the full package of necessary documents for submission to the visa center of the Embassy of Denmark in Ukraine (Kiev)

– Organization of transport.

– On arrival in Denmark – maintenance and registration of Danish documents.

– Registration in the Danish tax system (SKAT).

IMPORTANT! Here you can take a English test:


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