For EU citizens, there are vacancies all year round on the following types of farms:

– Pork

– Cow

– Mink

Remuneration in accordance with the annual (12 months) contract, hourly – 12 Euro per hour (this amount is taxed).

Also monthly charged 12.5% – holiday money.

Work week\month in accordance with the contract amounts to a minimum 40\160 hours, working day 8 hours, with two breaks of 30 minutes each.

Housing is provided by a farmer, on the farm, or nearby (in this case, transport is also provided) Payment per month.

The accommodation consists of a separate room for a person, a common equipped kitchen and a bathroom. Necessary appliances and WIFI present. Utilities are in most cases included in the rental price. Meals at own expense.

Those who wish also can learn Danish for free at the Lærdansk language schools located throughout Denmark.

Requirements for candidates:

– age: 18 to 42 years.

– citizenship of the European Union.

– conversational English (the farmer in any case will talk with you in English, although all the rest of the staff is mainly Russian-speaking).A test for knowledge of the language takes place on an interview.

IMPORTANT! EU citizens do not have to take a test!

The cost of our services includes:

– Work contract.

– Upon arrival in Denmark – maintenance and registration of Danish documents.

– Registration in the Danish tax system (SKAT).

– It is possible to pay for our services from the first two salaries.

Work contract    

Before being sent to Denmark, we provide a candidate for the vacancy work contract in which all terms of payment and work are indicated. As well as the duties of the worker and farmer, accommodation and holiday that consists of every month.

Phone for general questions:+38(050)956-50-93

(Victor Vasilievich)

Detailed advice:

Skype: farm_jobsdk (workindenmark)